English language section in the Forum?

il y a 4 ans 7 mois #1615 par tommoid
Bonjour Viking,

This is the best gypsy manouche site on the web! Nothing else comes close to it because of the clear way that you show the grilles, and the work that you've done to create all those Youtube rhythm and lead duets. Gypsy jazz is huge in the US and pretty big in England. There must be loads of English speaking manouche guitar players who visit this site regularly and they have a lot to contribute! The reach of your site is worldwide! As you know, I've posted a few things on the forum. Opinion varies as to whether I can post in English. Some clearly don't like it because they see Grilles-manouches very much as a French site and they're afraid that the forum would be diluted with English posts. Personally I don't care what the language is. Google Translate sorts it out and I've had strange discussions in Japanese!
Would it be possible to create an English language section in your Forum so that we can communicate and share stuff more easily without stepping on toes? Also a Spanish section would take in Spain (obviously) and most of South America. I don't know any Spanish but I would dip into that section as well for any golden nuggets.

Cheers: Tom

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il y a 4 ans 7 mois #1618 par SAMSAM

Very nice to read a post from UK ?
I suppose it s pretty hard to translate a web site, if there was an english section may be this would not able to developpe the communiity ?
I dont really know th is morning !! I just got up, i ll think about it and might post an answer latter !

Where are you from ?

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il y a 4 ans 7 mois #1619 par Viking
Hi Tom,

Thanks for your message !
I'm great that grilles-manouches is usefull as widely as possible.
As you can see, I followed your suggestion and made an english-speaking section on the forum. Hope you gonna like it !
The there only one class for the moment, I'll add more of it according to the messages which would be posted. And then, we'll see for the spanish one...


PS : thanks to my girlfriend for the english translation, better than google translation :P

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il y a 4 ans 6 mois #1630 par tommoid
Many thanks! Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I'm from Gloucester, England. I will have a look at that forum now and kick things off there! Most people will find their way around your site using Google translate or basic intelligence so I don't think you need to worry about translating the website. I think it's good that it's just in French. That defines the basic feel of the site and provides a common focus. I have had a lot of help with guitar music from around the world, particularly this website, and from French posts in the Forum, German guitarists, American guitarists. The common bond is guitar music and for me there are no limits. I found getting help on Anouman from Texas very exciting!

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