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il y a 9 ans 5 mois #1687 par tommoid
I've joined together 2 halves which seem to have come from different sources. There was a certain amount of overlap so I hope I've got the join correct! Oh, to be able to play this the way Angelo Debarre does! He puts down so many notes that a file of his complete performance would run into pages and pages. What he's doing of course is embellishing it in different ways as he repeats it, which is the gypsy way which we so love. Tunes are recognisable standards and brand new at the same time. Rather than slavishly trying to learn the precise way in which a master like Angelo played a certain tune on a certain day, it's much more within the spirit of gypsy jazz to learn the basic standard and then improvise over it to create something which is uniquely yours! The masters don't copy each other. It's helpful to pool ideas though, so if you have a different/better version, please share it.

Cheers: Tommoid
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